The Adamsville Business Association is an organization of the business and professional entities operating in the city of Adamsville, Tennessee.  The purpose of the association is to promote the resources of the city of Adamsville and to work to improve the appearance, business climate and overall livability of the community.

The ABA works through its committees, which are designed to enhance the focus of specific goals set forth by the membership.  The Marketing and Communication committee is responsible for preparing a calendar of promotional activities for the ABA and works with other organizations and/or persons to maximize the success of each event for the benefit of all members and citizens.  The Livability Committee works with the city officials, business and other interested persons to help identify areas which need improvement and assists in implementing needed changes to insure that the city presents its best possible appearance.  The Government Liaison Committee works with the local government entities to resolve problems affecting the business climate and seeks procurement of grants or other funding to resolve such issues.

The Membership and Dues Committee solicits new membership and sets and collects dues for the association.

Membership includes any business or professional entity or individual who shares the goals and concerns of the ABA.